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How to Keep Your Car Road Legal

Cars and other type of vehicles have many laws to ensure that people operate them in a responsible and safe way. These laws apply to not only the driver but also the car. We understand that you aren’t allowed to drive a vehicle after having a drink and you aren’t permitted to drive over the speed limit. But there are lots of legal requirements that your car must meet for it to be driven on the road.

Road Tax.

To be able to take your car out on the road, your car has to be taxed, much like how you pay council and income taxation, your vehicle requires yearly payments and also have evidence in the form of a tax disk clearly displayed on your vehicle.

Driving with a tax disc is dangerous you will be pulled over by the police and your automobile can be seized and crushed if you refuse to pay the tax for your vehicle. Typically, the DVLA will send you letters when your tax is due so as to remind you to pay up. The amount you pay will vary depending on your vehicle and more recently, it’s emissions.

MOT Certificate.

Many cars need maintenance over time, each year you’ll need to complete an MOT (Ministry of Transport) test. During the test, a skilled mechanic checks your car to ensure it meets the minimum safety requirements and that every aspect of the automobile is functioning properly.

If your car is old and does not pass it’s MOT, afterward a mechanic will suggest the areas that require fixing, if such repairs can be completed and paid for in a day, plenty of mechanics will probably re-test the car absolutely free of charge and all you are going to do is pay for the job done. If you cannot get the money or can’t get the repairs completed then you will have to get another evaluation completed. Costs for MOT tests are normally about ?20 at more competitive evaluation centers.

Pay Car Insurance.

You need at least a third party insurance for you to drive on the roads so that if you’re involved in any collision, then the other automobile gets covered. Ideally you wish to have your car covered too; this will be “fully comprehensive” insurance.

These are numerous requirements for driving a vehicles on the roads including the united kingdom roads and if you are no longer driving, there are methods of reporting your car is not in use rather than paying for the tax disc. This would require that you submit a SORN (Statutory Off-Road Notice) request. This way, you wouldn’t be paying tax needlessly. For the rest of the cases though you will have to meet the aforementioned requirements otherwise you’ll get fined, disqualified or perhaps your automobile will be smashed at your cost!.

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